How to hide a messy office – divide and conquer!

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We have two office spaces in our small house.  One is enclosed in a room with a door that can be closed to hide any mess and the other (my husbands) is at the top of our landing and we walk past it every day and see it when it’s having a clean day and well when it’s having a not so clean day.  Before the need for this space to be an office it was a reading and quiet time nook and I must say I do miss the cute lil space.

For weeks I’ve had the idea in my head to adjust this space a tad.  I went to Spotlight purchased a 2mt conduit rod, a spring fit and some rings with clips along with a king size sheet (cheap and easy non hem curtain) and went about dividing off this space.  I have to say I’m happy with the result it’s a lot easier on the eye then an office workspace as you’re walking up the stairs.

Have you ever divided and conquered a space?  Would love to hear about it.