Our Backyard Sanctuary

At the end of last year I decided to create an outside sanctuary for our backyard where we could relax at the end of a hard day either alone or with friends!
Okay I know this snap is a lil dark but
you can see the fairy lights,
the big industrial coffee table
and get the relaxing vibe!
The first night we wanted to use our new
outdoor sanctuary it bucketed down
with rain. I took a quick pic to show the
concept, just imagine that there is
grass in place of the tiles!

These recliners are so relaxing.

I decided against having an outdoor setting and instead created a lounge type situation.  Our backyard is just off our dining room (our dining room has big sliding doors that lead out to the backyard) and when we have barbecues and people want to sit at a table they just sit at the dining table and still feel a part of the alfresco vibe.  

I started my project by making a big square industrial coffee table out of two wood pallets and added 4 big wheels as legs.  

I purchased a Triangular Sail Cloth and installed it with clip on D rings to Eyelets that were masonry drilled into the side of the house for ease of removal.  The Sail Cloth brings some shade and interest to our otherwise very boring backyard.  I added some fairy lights (solar powered) to the 2 sides of the cloth along with some lanterns.  

Next I sourced about 10 bamboo torches and placed them around the perimeter of our fence. 

A rug on the lawn, some bean bags, reclining outdoor chairs and I even hung a dart board of the clothes line for those that want to get in some target practice.

Enjoying a cuppa or a wine while reclining under the stars with friends is a fantastic way to spend summer – bring it on I say! 

The next project is to add a possible fire pit for winter, some outdoor artwork and plants – stay tuned for rest assured this project will evolve.