New look Lounge, New look Blog – what do you think?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I’ve been busy with clients weddings (watch this space for pics), a holiday to Townsville to see some fabulous friends and well life…. do not worry the drought is broken and you will be hearing from me on a more regular basis.
One little project I have been working on is pictured above.  I decided to give our lounge room a new lease on life.  
We have plans on buying a home in the near future so I didn’t want to outlay a lot of money on furnishing our small townhouse.  I wanted to re-create a new friendly, welcoming space where we could entertain a small number of guests (especially with Christmas approaching).  
My husband is a budding artist, who painted the original artwork that sits above the lounge and also the piece on the wooden chest I love that our space has our own original creative feel to it.  
I covered the blue lounges with some ivory chair covers and they really opened up the space in a big way, added some fresh flowers, a birdcage (they are so in at the moment), I hung a beautiful decal in the entry of which I receive many comments about from our guests, added a few ‘Relax’ cushions to help set the mood for a welcoming space and now we really enjoy spending time lounging in our new look lounge room!! 
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