Candle Glow


I love candles!  They bring instant warmth and ambiance to a room and they help me relax after a busy day.  During these cold winter nights my husband and I always light every candle in our tiny lounge.

Vanilla scented candles are our latest purchase along with plenty of tea lights placed in small glasses, scattered around the room.  I use large coloured candles in earthy tones, group them together on a black plate and sit them on our coffee table. 

If you prefer a safer option you can now get battery operated candles, that come in all different styles and designs.  This would be a great alternative if you have children. 

A beautiful piece of glassware could be a perfect candle holder, or add water and place a floating candle on top.  Candles can sit amongst smooth stones on a lovely plate.  Candles are great for use while soaking in a bath after a long hard day. 

I hope I’ve inspired you to go and create some ambiance in your space tonight, best get to it!

Why don’t you go visit your local DUSK store and stock up!